2,200 out of 2,500 minted already.

How to Mint AdaPunks NFT on Cardano

1. Get a wallet

In order to buy AdaPunks Cardano NFTs  you’ll need a  Cardano wallet. The simplest of these is Nami. You can also use DaedalusCCWalletADALite, or Yoroi.Please download them from there offical website.

Set up your wallet, and make absolutely certain that you have your seed phrase backed up and secured.

2. Fund your wallet

Acquire ADA and send it to your new wallet. You can buy ADA through many different exchanges, but a few of the most reputable include Binance Kucoin and Kraken.

3. Send ADA to the minting wallet

Let’s Send 40 ADA to the minting address on the slider below from your Cardano wallet. You will immediately receive AdaPunks NFT back to your sender address. If any questions come to our discord or Twitter.

Please use address on slider only. if you have any question please join our Discord and can ask question 24/7.

4. View your AdaPunks

After sending Ada to our mint address according to current price you will receive NFT immediately. you can use your wallet address from where you have sent ADA and paste that to Pool.pm, then you can see your purchased NFT, you can also view them using Cardano and CNFT & on our Discord.

If you have any questions check FAQ & please don’t hesitate to ask in Discord and on Telegram 24/7.

*  Scan QR Code from after adjusting slider then using wallet send ADA, also you can copy address & paste inside the wallet. within few minutes you will receive AdaPunks Any Issue please contact us at discord we are live 24/7.